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Warehouse Management saves time and money through boosting visibility and streamlining warehouse operations.

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What is Argentis Warehouse Management?

The most comprehensive, real-time warehouse management system for the fashion and apparel industry, Argentis Warehouse Management is an affordable, effective solution which streamlines operations, saving your business vital time and money. Argentis Warehouse Management enables you to realign how your warehouse interacts with your employees, customers and vendors, resulting in major efficiency savings and achieving an impressive ROI.

Fully Integrated

Linking directly in to SAP Business One for Apparel and Footwear, Argentis Warehouse Management guarantees the right information is available at the right time across the business. Goods Receipts are automatically generated, eliminating errors from the outset, and full system integration ensures packing, shipping and delivery documents are created automatically too, without the need for any manual intervention.

Robust Traceability

For modern warehousing, traceability is key. Argentis Warehouse Management uses handheld scanners to monitor the precise location and status of all items in the warehouse, maintaining full traceability of all warehouse movement and guaranteeing accurate inventory levels per location or bin.

Faster Business

The increased automation provided by Argentis Warehouse Management makes for a more dynamic warehouse environment. Not only does it speed up picking, packing and shipping processes, but it speeds up your overall rate of doing business with your customers, increasing customer satisfaction levels considerably.

Delivery Optimization

The availability of real-time data at every step of warehouse operations means that there’s more information to analyze for the good of the business. Argentis Warehouse Management gives you the ability to fully analyze your dispatch and delivery functions, highlighting changes to implement to improve truck loading and optimize delivery routes.

Inventory Management

Argentis Warehouse Management swiftly and easily handles inventory enquiries and inventory adjustments, using the real-time data to provide timely, accurate information each and every time.

Features and Functionality

Argentis Warehouse Management can help your business

  • Speed up the process of entering Purchase Orders / Reserve Invoices to be received by the handheld
  • Directed put away process
  • Transfers between bins within the same location
  • Transfers between bins across different locations
  • Transfers requests
  • Sales Orders management
  • Direct picking
  • Label printing
  • Cycle count

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