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OnePortal allows mobile access to SAP Business One using any device, from any location in the world.

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What is Argentis OnePortal?

For truly mobile working, our OnePortal is a web platform created by Argentis that enables you to manage and run your business within a SAP Business One environment from anywhere in the world. Giving you the ability to add, view, modify and delete information in an interface that’s both familiar and intuitive for users of the SAP Business One application, Argentis OnePortal affords your business unprecedented levels of flexibility and responsiveness, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Flexible, Global Working

Based on HTML5 technology, OnePortal allows you to run your company from any place in the world. Compatible with every web browser, OnePortal is suitable for use on Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, and any mobile device able to process HTML5. And, just like any other website, you can publish OnePortal online, making it accessible across the globe.

Working In Partnership

Online availability means that clients and vendors can have access to OnePortal, with you deciding which areas of the system they can interact with. You might want to authorize them to interact with marketing documents or their own Master Data, or you may let them create, modify or cancel sales documents on their behalf, giving them access to OnePortal to review their purchase documents. The choice and flexibility to choose is entirely yours.

Save Money

OnePortal can communicate directly with the SAP database using the DI API, DI Server, or the SAP Integration Framework, a software architecture that requires a different license schema compared with the SAP Business One application, significantly reducing the amount of money invested in licenses. When working with OnePortal, your new license schema will depend on the communication method you choose, always resulting in a cheaper solution when compared to the traditional SAP application schema.

Master Your Data

The Business Partner Master Data module within OnePortal enables you to create, view, modify or delete Business Partner master data and review their account statuses, keeping track of leads, vendors and clients. You can of course let your clients and vendors edit their own information by providing them access to the module, and you have the ability to review Business Partners’ marketing documents and their impact on the relevant accounts.

Optimal Purchasing

You can allow your purchasing department work entirely with OnePortal, creating, viewing, modifying or closing purchasing documents such as Purchase Requests, Quotations, Orders and Invoices. Again, you can provide your vendors with access to those purchasing documents, enabling them to review and modify these to provide your business with accurate information and special offers. The built-in approval procedures mean that managers can login to OnePortal and approve Purchase Requests or Purchase Orders created by employees in the purchasing department, as well as approving Quotations created by your vendors.

Sales Efficiency

Your sales department can work solely with OnePortal too, creating, viewing, modifying or closing sales documents such as Sales Quotations, Orders and Invoices. You can provide your clients with access to their specific sales documents too, letting them create and review these documents to increase sales opportunities. Again approval procedures allow managers to log into OnePortal and approve Sales Orders created by employees in the sales department, as well as approving Sales Orders created by clients.

Extend Your PLM

Argentis OnePortal allows users to take full advantage of the PLM functionality that’s included in SAP Business One for Apparel and Footwear. Users can interact with vital apparel information such as Style Grids, Style Lists, Cost Sheets, Color Master, Scale Master, Variable Master, Activities and Product Data Management. This enables users to remotely manage designs and models, editing or creating features, and viewing product data, at any time and in any place.

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Argentis OnePortal is a web platform that enables users to work with an SAP® Business One environment


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