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Apparel in a Post-Covid World Image

Apparel in a Post-Covid World

Lucas Ritondale looks at a number of trends accelerated by the pandemic, and identifies some key opportunities for the apparel industry in 2021 and beyond.
Fashion in the Cloud Image

Fashion in the Cloud

Hector Ritondale looks at five reasons why fashion business should be moving their ERP systems cloud-ward
Thriving with Sustainability Image

Thriving with Sustainability

Lucas Ritondale examines how sustainability in the fashion industry can aid recovery post-pandemic
Taking Stock in the new Fashion Forward Era Image

Taking Stock in the new Fashion Forward Era

Hector Ritondale examines the importance of robust inventory management in the omnichannel fashion industry
ERP: Still on trend? Image

ERP: Still on trend?

This blog looks into how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can help to tackle the many challenges faced by the fashion industry. Hector Ritondale explores how several companies are already seeing tangible benefits since adopting an ERP software…