Offering real-time access to vital business-wide information, our solutions for the footwear industry are helping footwear businesses across the globe to optimize operations while maximizing profits.

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Why Argentis Systems?

With the global market for footwear forecast to reach $430.5 billion by 2024, the sector is definitely on the up, with tech-savvy footwear businesses investing in sector-specific solutions to ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition. Consumer tastes are changing quicker than ever before, meaning that footwear businesses need to achieve the necessary levels of agility to respond accordingly, for fear of being left behind as the industry grows and evolves. We’ve worked with the footwear industry since 2008, developing solutions to meet the specific needs of the many and varied businesses involved in the sector. Here at Argentis, we have the expertise and experience to ensure you choose the right solution for your business, adding real value by bringing together all vital business information at the click of a mouse.


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Solutions for the footwear industry


What can look like a slick footwear business from the outside often masks a tangled web of legacy, departmental-specific solutions, causing a major disconnect between vital business functions. In the fast-paced footwear industry of today, access to timely, accurate business information is key if businesses are to achieve optimum levels of business agility while making vital efficiency savings across the organization. The Argentis range of solutions for the footwear industry achieves just this, with SAP Business One for Apparel and Footwear, alongside Argentis OnePortal guaranteeing instant access to accurate business-critical information at any time and from any location, at any point in the product lifecycle. It’s only with this comprehensive information that footwear businesses can stay in the running, outpacing the competition and making a real difference to the bottom line.


Unifies all critical business departments and processes

Comprehensive product lifecycle management

Reduces time to market by combining all business data

Tailor-made reporting, bespoke for your business

Robust inventory management

Mobile access for a 24/7 global marketplace

Fully integrated management of bill of materials, color palettes, materials, samples, yardage requests, artwork, fabric / trim libraries and more

Real time view of inventory, be it in the warehouse or on the shop floor

Improve demand forecasts with a comprehensive material requirements planning module fully integrated with purchasing, finance and inventory control

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Our product demo highlights some key features of SAP Business One for the fashion and
apparel sector.




SAP Business One for Footwear



Eddie Bauer & SAP Business One
for Apparel and Footwear 


Why Argentis Systems

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Multi-lingual and global implementation capabilities

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